NCDA&CS/NCSU Research Stations Barn Retrofit Grant

Following the same concept as the first barn-retrofit grant, this grant allowed NCDA&CS/NCSU Research Stations to retrofit their curing barns so that necessary, on-going research could be conducted under industry standards equivalent to those of most...

Flue-Cured Tobacco Barn Retrofit Grant

Help was needed to assist tobacco producers with the retrofit of their flue-cured bulk barns from direct-fired burners to heat exchangers after research revealed that traditional direct-fired curing methods were increasing nitrosamine levels in the tobacco....

Growing the NC Medicinal Herb Industry

Project will provide 10 to 20 tobacco farmers with incentives from $5,000 to $10,000 to grow medicinal herbs, generating gross sales equal to or higher than traditional tobacco revenues per acre.

?New Generation? Cooperatives ? A New Twist on an Old Model

Project will fund improvements in the business environment for ?new generation? Cooperatives which will lead to new opportunities for producer-owned, value-added businesses. ?New generation? cooperatives provide farmers the opportunity to raise the capital to own and...

Tobacco Growers Communication Assistance

Project will sustain the services of communication information via TGANC?s newsletter, website and resource guide, as well as, develop a study with NCSU on the impacts of the pending tobacco buyout and distribute the results.