Western NC Agricultural Tourism and Crop Diversification Program

Year Funded




Project?s objective is to provide ?mini grants? as an incentive to diversify farm operations that could generate new economic growth in Western North Carolina. The grants will provide financial aid to farmers who are taking risks in new markets. This could be either through other crops or agriculture tourism efforts such as corn mazes and pick-your-own produce as examples. Project will include educating, training and informing 100 farmers and other individuals in their communities on the opportunities and possibilities of agricultural tourism, crop diversification and marketing of these new business ventures. The project will award a select number of tobacco farmers and/or quota holders a $2,500 grant to reduce the start-up cost of new opportunities in local, regional, and global markets. The grant is made in response to hurricane damage to farms and the end of price supports for tobacco.

Robert Hawk
NC Cooperative Extension Service P.O. Box 308 Waynesville, NC 28786