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2023 Grant Cycle is Closed

We anticipate that the 2024 Cycle will be announced in January 2024.

The 2024 grant cycle is now closed.

Past awards are listed on the grant page.

We anticipate opening the 2025 cycle in early January.

What we do

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Fund Training for New Jobs

NC residents and farmers are taking advantage of assistance for tuition, training and educational supplies in nearly 20 community colleges across the state. “Project Skill-Up” targets those whose families have an agricultural connection or have suffered distress due to changes in the tobacco economy. A key goal is to provide resources so that individuals can enter new careers and leave unemployment behind. Some colleges also offer exclusive training opportunities for farmers to learn new skills or pursue new ag-related endeavors. Over 5,000 people have received assistance since the program began! 

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Support Local Markets

Several community and regional farmers markets have benefited from grant funding. Hundreds of farmers and thousands of consumers enjoy facilities that have been constructed with the help of the NCTTFC. Many of these buildings also provide valuable meeting and event space for their areas too! 

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Promote NC Products

The NC Egg Association has a multilevel awareness campaign to educate urban and suburban consumers on how the state’s egg farmers produce safe, healthy eggs while providing excellent animal care, protecting the environment and being active in their communities. Through video, social and combined media outreach, the campaign conveys how egg farming positively impacts local economies where egg farms are located. NC Eggs are not the only NC commodity supported by the TTFC, several other NC commodities have marketing support through grants also.

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Make Farms Safer

The Agri-Safe & Certified Safe Farm Project targets farmers, their families and workers in an effort to keep them healthier and safer. This partnership between the NC AgroMedicine Institute and NC State University has impacted thousands of people throughout NC. Cooperative Extension agents are trained to identify problem areas on farms and make recommendations to farmers on how to prevent accidents. Health professionals conduct health screenings for farmers and provide guidance on the proper way to utilize personal protection device equipment.