Project SkillUP

Project Skill-UP is a North Carolina Community College workforce development initiative with three core components: 1) providing access to short-term training programs supporting local workforce needs; 2) developing educational programs supporting diverse utilization of agriculture resources and enterprises; and 3) creating education opportunities to assist small farmers in accessing new methods to support business sustainability.

Labor market statistics reveal an aging agribusiness workforce, high rates of unemployment or underemployment, high rates of families living below the poverty level, and a large number economically-distressed counties. With the decline in tobacco farming, related industries and shifts in the agriculture industry overall, access to education, occupational skills training, and targeted workshops/seminars are essential to economic stimulus and recovery in these counties.

The NCCCS will lead this project and sub-contract to North Carolina community colleges based on an RFP selection process to provide outlined services to individual recipients of funds.


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May 16, 2022