Farm Stress Response

ECU-North Carolina Agromedicine Institute will grow its Tape & Twine program to help the state’s farm community cope with escalating farm stress. This will be accomplished by conducting at least 25 education/outreach sessions and exhibits at farm-related events, training 50 farmers who will conduct 350 peer support sessions, conducting 5 sessions to educate primary and behavioral healthcare providers about the unique culture of agriculture and working with farm community and providing at least 750 counseling sessions at no cost to farming community members needing additional support. Information about and strategies for dealing with farm-related stress will be made available through the dissemination of at least 24 social media posts, 10 print releases, the Institute’s website and list serve. AgriSafe health screenings along with information on farm safety and health will be made available at peer support training and other education/outreach activities.


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May 16, 2022