This project will directly assist vegetable and fruit crop growers to adopt advanced “clean” collection practices for plastic mulch films from plasticulture production – so these residuals can be recycled. In partnership with NC Extension and programs partners, new equipment technology, a lease co-op, training and outreach will be delivered to growers in multiple demonstration sites in the WNC and piedmont regions. With over 37,660 acre under plasticulture production, NC growers need these solutions for improved management of residuals. Led by Waste Reduction Partners, this 2-years project will create a $1.6 million in added value in grower savings, material revenues and recycling markets expansion, while diverting 1,562 tons of plastics from landfilling and burning. The initiative promotes farm stewardship and economic stability in tobacco related regions, providing 32 sustained and new jobs, plus skills improvements for 100 farmers. This project builds on the current success of the state’s Agriculture Plastics Recycling Project.