Value Added Projects for Tobacco Farmers in Transition

Year Funded




Project is to increase the effectiveness of CALS faculty in developing and implementing profitable value-added enterprises for North Carolina farm families. This project will enhance the effectiveness of CALS extension and research projects by providing 1) farm business management resources to faculty to assist with evaluation of the profitability and implementation of newly developed value-added enterprises, 2) assembling information on potential value-added opportunities and publishing information about the cooperative efforts of NCSU and TTFC, 3) grant writing and planning assistance to faculty developing research or extension proposals for value-added projects for farm families and 4) facilitating assembling resources for faculty projects. This proposal is an initial step by CALS to increase faculty focus and resources on value-added enterprises.

Blake Brown
NC Foundation for Value Added Agriculture and Applied Biotechnology Box 8109, NCSU Raleigh, NC 27695