Project Skills to Succeed

Year Funded




Southeastern Community College, located in rural Columbus County, requests $33,950 for Project Skills to Succeed which is designed to serve the following target populations: former tobacco quota holders, current/former tobacco farmers and their family members. The Project has three goals: 1) Sustain and expand career pathways ? Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing and Agribusinesses; 2) Enhance knowledge and skills of agribusiness owners to encourage diversification; and 3) Market grant opportunities. Project Skills to Succeed will provide financial assistance for 190 participants to enroll in workforce continuing education training and seminars which will enhance employability skills through the attainment of industry-recognized credentials and an awareness of options for diversification in agribusinesses. Participants will be better equipped for employment opportunities in identified industry sectors including: healthcare, advanced manufacturing and agribusiness. According to Columbus County?s labor market data, all three pathways are ranked in the top 10 industry/employment sectors for the 3rd quarter, 2015.

Ms. Brenda Orders
Southeastern Community College PO Box 151 Whiteville, NC 28472