Flue-Cured Tobacco Barn Retrofit Grant

Help was needed to assist tobacco producers with the retrofit of their flue-cured bulk barns from direct-fired burners to heat exchangers after research revealed that traditional direct-fired curing methods were increasing nitrosamine levels in the tobacco....

Recovery of Growers Self-Assessment Funds

Project will provide research and educational programs to support a competitive and profitable position for tobacco markets. It is estimated that the project will assist 12,000 tobacco growers and related agribusinesses.

Support for the Transition to Value-Added Agribusiness

Project will work with farmers to provide agricultural and economic strategies and transfer technologies such as on-farm diversification and entrepreneurship through hands-on consultation. The project will conduct community meetings to identify needs and participants,...

Advancing the Stokes Agricultural Community

Project will assist tobacco growers and workers in growing and marketing alternative crops. Organization will provide training, financial counseling, and mental health counseling. Pilot project at the county level.